Monday, October 1, 2018

A3 4 meta

I feel like I have no time.

It just slips away. So quickly.

Very briefly, then:

Last week went very well. I struggled to keep on top of my Czech goals because I had my brother visiting, and then over the weekend I went to Minnesota for a genealogy conference. I struggled to get enough sleep. But I'm starting this week well rested and I'm very much looking forward to accomplishing my goals.

I am behind on recording myself reading. I plan on getting that done.

The audiobook, for reasons which I don't understand, cuts the chapters in a weird way. This works to my advantage. I will not read the entire chapter 5 this week, then. I'll read just about 10 pages of it and get to work studying the vocab words. I have not given myself any tests so far, and I am well aware that these vocab words are basically useless unless I can find some way to REMEMBER them.

Memory memory memory memory memory...

So rather than pile on tons of new words, I will be mostly working on remembering the old words.

The conversation exchange experience has been going pretty well. I've been messaging with some Czech women who seem friendly. Maybe it will continue in chitchat. Maybe I'll completely intimidate them by my crazy language learning efforts. Maybe they'll decide to jump in and help. Maybe I'll adapt my learning strategies to fit their style. I don't know. I do think that I at least want to finish this first Harry Potter book this way!

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