nešťastná slova

batoletoddlerI suppose it is like a battle with a toddler sometimes.
do síněinto the hallThe hall is not in China, and it is not a sign either
dobovécontemporaneoussounds like dobrová, but that is not what it means.
na pusyon the mouthI will never be able to say this!
penizemoneyWomen only want men for their penize.
pořadkaalright, okayNOT a pohádka
pusamouthI will never be able to say this!
stůltablenot a stool, and not stolice
tvrdýhard (solid)trvdé prdy jsou taky trapné
važenéesteemed, respectedUgh. My mind is in the gutter.
važněseriousMy mind is SERIOUSLY in the gutter.
žebrákaa woman beggarWomen beggars are not zebras.

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