Saturday, April 8, 2017

Co jsem udělala 17. týden

I think it would be cool to keep track of my progress in Q2 this way. It allows me to track what I'm doing whilst also giving myself some flexibility to change the plan/focus. It can also psyche me into trying some of the skills and strategies that I am not very good at yet.

Memorization and Listening
Rote memorization
  • quizlet
  • physical flashcards
  • chanting
  • memorizing scriptures in Czech
presentational writing
  • write 5 sentences : what was X about?
    • Svačina
    • Úroda
listening to authentic text
  • Bylo nás pět
    • 3x dil V, VI, VII
  • generalní konference
    • 2 hodiny
  • kořeny
    • třikrát, dil životník
communicative speaking
  • shoot the breeze
    • Petra
    • Milan x2
    • Petr a Pavlínka
    • Tomáš

doba: ~4ish
mnemonic devices
  • compile them
correcting my writing
  • apply targeted feedback
communicative listening
  • film
  • TV
presentational speaking
  • what was X about
textbook exercises
  • Communicative Czech
communicative writing
  • texting with people
presentational reading
  • read “Bylo nás pět” nahlas
    • díl V, VI 6x
  • read generalní konference nahlas
  • read Kniha Mormonova pro sebe nahlas
    • 1 Néfi 18-20
music memorization
  • Youtube
presentational speaking : listening
  • Ask your friend to tell you about X

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