Saturday, December 3, 2016

Týden 1: jsem nachlazená, a taky sněží

Zde mluvím o můj den, a jak jsem nachlazená.


  1. Oh my! Only now I really understand you being a "people", "interaction" person. (Btw, I'm the opposite, having no problem with systematic tables but being ashamed to speak while not entirely sure of the sentence, which is far less practical.) If this really was unprepared, and it certainly looked that way, you're amazing! I understood everything you said (!), with a single exception at 2:20 – maybe you meant "zpívat", to sing? Also, in the end, "(I'd like to) say" is "(chtěla bych) říct". For "I'm hopeful", you could say just "Doufám", I hope (so). It's not so positive as the English -ful, but hey, we're grumpier :-) A super positive variant would be "Jsem plná naděje" (I'm full of hope).

    Great job, and get better soon.

    1. Díky. Měla jsem seznam ~8 slov ale "postavila" věti sama (dvě nova slova).