Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pokrok 18. týden

Rote memorization
  • quizlet
    • input words 4. 11

presentational writing
  • write 5 sentences : what was X about?
  • denik : write an interesting experience
  • ha. Like you lack for topics to write about.
listening to authentic text
  • Bylo nás pět
at least 3x dil VII
communicative speaking
  • Several hours this week.
mnemonic devices
  • thought about how to do this :-)
correcting my writing
  • applied targeted feedback in several older writings, posted them on my blog 4. 11
communicative listening
  • film
  • TV
presentational speaking
  • what was X about
textbook exercises
  • Communicative Czech
communicative writing
  • texting with people
presentational reading
  • read “Bylo nás pět” na hlas
  • read generalní konference
  • read Kniha Mormonova to yourself na hlas
Finished 1 Néfi! 4. 10
music memorization
  • Youtube
presentational speaking : listening
  • “I’m thinking of a word…” zakázaný slovy


  1. Check formatting in your table. Did you write this in html?

    1. nah, so the problem is that I copy-pasted it from a google doc and the width of the page in the template isn't wide enough. Oh well, I'm quite sure I'm the only person who reads this.