Friday, February 3, 2017

Cítím se nemocná...nemocně?

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  1. [3:00] the noun related to "jsem ráda" is "radost" (f), joy.
    "to help" would be "pomoct" or "pomoci" (perfective).

    [4:40] the verbal noun "helping" (of the imperfective) is "pomáhání" (n)

    [7:57] "to go" in future is not "budu jít", but "půjdu".
    (One of the classic koledy, Christmas carols, is called "Půjdem spolu do Betléma", "We'll go to Bethlehem together".)

    [8:45] "excited, thrilled"? "nadšená", I guess.

    [11:30] Just leave out the "s", "genealožka".

    [12:00] "experience" would be "zážitek" (m) or "zkušenost" (f).

    [12:30] "uvidíme"

    Wonderful! Of course there were many more minor mistakes, but any Czech person would understand you, and I mean word by word. Get better soon!