Friday, February 2, 2018



Although I wasn't present here since October, in fact I was studying Czech harder than I had in my life. I got a fancy shmancy certificate in the mail for achieving A2 level in Czech. That was by far my best Christmas present.

I am pregnant, so I am pausing my Death Sprint of trying to learn Czech on my own. I will pick up again where I left off (or thereabouts) in about a year.

In the mean time, I intend to continue reading these books in Czech all the way through:
Dětem - just finished
Kosmonaut z Čech
Besedy na staré valše

and Kniha Mormonova, in which I am about 100 pages through in Czech.

Other Czech language related adventures include writing this hilarious series which forces me to google things in Czech. That is actually extremely difficult to do. So don't laugh.

I'm also writing a book about Czech Genealogy which requires a similar amount of googling information in Czech.

So you might think, "What the heck. I thought she said she wasn't going to do her Death Sprint. That sounds pretty ambitious to me." I mean, to each his/her own. This is a much smaller plate than I am used to, and it feels a little bit like defeat. But the truth is I am just so tired (and nauseous) all the time now, I have to give something up. Might as well be something I spent the last decade trying to pick up passively anyway.

By the way, passively trying to learn Czech absolutely does not work. Or rather, it didn't work for me.